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We are Women Who Write and our goal is to be the world’s foremost screenwriting competition for women. We want to support female writers and producers of all shapes and sizes, but we don’t just want to support female writers. We want to be a springboard for your success. We want to forge a festival that will discover and recognize the best emerging female talent and the most original female voices from around the world. We will go to the ends of the Earth to find the best new female talent and then do whatever it takes to put the top new female screenwriters firmly on the entertainment industry’s radar by designating them as finalists and winners in the Women Who Write in Film Screenplay Competition!




Winners receive valuable industry exposure and submission to at least three of New York and or Hollywood’s biggest production companies, agents, and talent managers. 2019's winner received a one hour script consultation with highly respected development executive, Janet Jeffries with Lawrence Bender Productions. Not to mention personal introductions to several other industry executives.

While we do love women, we have to say we accept scripts from writers of all shapes and sizes from all background and all countries. You can be of any sex, any ethnicity and be of any sexual orientation. You do not even have to be a woman to enter our contest so you don’t have to worry about whether or not you were born a woman or identify as a woman, we’re happy to embrace you as the talented person that you are and if your script is good, we’ll give you the recognition you deserve. We do, however, prefer scripts about women, the issues facing women, and stories about strong female characters that inspire women to be ever stronger versions of themselves. But it doesn’t have to be about women. So if you’re a great female writer who wrote the next “Usual Suspects” or “Pulp Fiction” submit it so we can get you the exposure you need. Your script simply needs to be good to be accepted in our competition.


Support Women Who Write in Film!

Win and Gain Unparalleled Industry Access!

The world is filled with talented women who write and the entertainment industry has thousands of us. So we launched the only screenwriting competition dedicated to women who write in film all over the world.


Industry Exposure

Our competition’s finalists will be distributed to several top talent agents and producers around the world. So if you’ve ever dreamed of getting your script to the producer of all your favorite films, now is your chance!


If you’ve got the talent, we will get you the recognition you deserve and the rest is up to you.  

If you would like more information about supporting the festival, information on how to invest in female driven independent film, or would like to contact the festival for any other reason please use the contact form below.




2020 Grand Prize Winner and Finalists


Grand Prize Winner!

Until They Are Home by Mary Kate Allen



The Good News Desk by Megan Day and Judith Coppinger

Youth in a Casket by Hannah Aslesen



She’s Unexpecting by Angela Vaut

Puesta del Sol by Ed Johnson

Rosa by Chelsea Hazzard

Castleton Divide Clotile Galbraith & Ron Meliment

Monumental by Christine Inserra

Fast Dance with the Devil by R. Chumley Scott

Taking Down the Met by Andrea Forrest

The Day the Corn Hatched by Susan Boger

Trinidad by Kathleen Gardner

She Spend Her Days Loving by Bonnie Blue Edwards