Prior Winners

2020's Grand Prize Winner received a consultation package provided by Roadmap Writers that included sessions with top talent managers and production executives at First Friday Entertainment, Fictional Entity, and Kersey Management. They also received a one hour script consultation with a development executive at Schemers Entertainment. Our top two finalists received consultations with top talent managers at Osowik Management and Fictional Entity. 

"This was an excellent festival, and I am so happy to have the opportunity to network with so many people as a result of my success. From the top to the bottom, this has been an excellent experience." - Mary Kate Allen 2020 Winner 

"Thank you, "Women Who Write in Film," for choosing my screenplay. I love writing stories about kick-a** women. It's fantastic to find a venue that recognizes the sweeping talent of women writers. I will proudly display my laurel as recognition for the hours, days, weeks and years of work that I put into this story. I have nothing but praise for the professional standards WWWIF holds its writers to. I look forward to meeting everyone at future festivals."

"Thank you for doing the important work of promoting women in film. I hope many women continue to write thanks to your empowerment." 


2020 Grand Prize Winner and Finalists

Grand Prize Winner!

Until They Are Home by Mary Kate Allen


The Good News Desk by Megan Day and Judith Coppinger

Youth in a Casket by Hannah Aslesen


She’s Unexpecting by Angela Vaut

Puesta del Sol by Ed Johnson

Rosa by Chelsea Hazzard

Castleton Divide Clotile Galbraith & Ron Meliment

Monumental by Christine Inserra

Fast Dance with the Devil by R. Chumley Scott

Taking Down the Met by Andrea Forrest

The Day the Corn Hatched by Susan Boger

Trinidad by Kathleen Gardner

She Spend Her Days Loving by Bonnie Blue Edwards


2019 Grand Prize Winner and Finalists

2019's finalists were distributed to several production companies that support female writers! Our top three finalists received consultation packages provided by Roadmap Writers that included sessions with multiple talent managers. Our grand prize winner received a special one hour consultation with a long time development executive at Lawrence Bender Productions.

"I highly recommend submitting to this festival. The staff is excellent with communications and the personal attention was greatly appreciated. Within a few days of my screenplay Scuppernongs being announced as a finalist, WWWF distributed my script to industry professionals and followed up with emails and phone calls to see how everything was going. Very positive experience, and I'm filled with appreciation and gratitude."

"I was very honored to be selected as a semifinalist, but since this is not an in person festival, I'm not sure about how much networking would come from it. However, overall I give the festival high ratings. The organizers have been wonderfully supportive of women-generated content and very communicative. I hope my placement brings attention to my script. "







Joy in the Journey by Courtenay Lucas

Lost in Control by Maria Massei-Rosato

Argonauts of the Eastern Borderland by Julia Koszewska

Invisible by Hester Schell and Gabriell DeBear Paye

Mother in Law by Serita D Stevens

Skewed Blue by Andrea Gibson

Extraction from Omega 5 by Marilyn Webber 

Poppy by Linda Niccol

Struck by Elaine Chekich

The Path to Virtue by Catherine Fridey

Luana by Danielle Erlich

Becoming Picasso by Bonnie Maffei

Burden of Courage by Ross Harden-Bradford


2018 Grand Prize Winner and Finalists


2018's finalists were distributed to several production companies that support female writers. Our top three finalists also received consultations with multiple talent managers.

"The Women Who Write in Film International Screenwriting Competition has truly exceeded my expectations. When I heard my script came in 2nd place, I was thrilled! Still am! I've already received an awesome InkTip prize package so I can promote my script and distribution of my script directly to industry professionals. You can't put a price on something like that!! The staff has been incredible, too. They are friendly, sincere, professional, and above all else it's obvious they really care. That's evident by the way they've followed through on all their promises and made sure to keep me in the loop while answering my questions and providing guidance every step of the way. If you're considering entering your script(s) in a contest, this would be an excellent choice! I'm so glad I did!"

"Amazing communication! An honor to have been a winner!"

"I was extremely happy to be a finalist for my screenplay "An Unbalanced Line" ! What a great event ---for women/by women who are under represented in the film industry. Thank you for such a great opportunity to showcase our work and speak our voice to the world!"

Grand Prize Winner!

One Night at the Morrison - Joan Elizabeth Beilstein


Pro M.O.H. by Valerie Zane

The 24 Hour Howl by Joanna Johnson


Chasing Honey by Laura Shamas

An Unbalanced Line by Kristy Leigh Lussier

Leviathan by Kristie Dickinson 

Loving Out Loud  by Christine Inserra

Breaking Faith by Jocelyn Jones

Retribution Seven by Julia Perez

Rock and Roll Dreams by Chi Hsiu Chen 

Too Close to the Edge by Linda Niccol

Vasco Jr by Natalia Anderson

Messinas of Half Moon by Jacquie Cardinale

Suntan Motel by Jennifer Moricz Goodwin

When the Mountain Calls by Nancy Guevara

Subterfuge by Paula Brancato and James Fischer

Where the Men Are By Wendy Wilkins

The Running by Laura Black

Twin Flames: An Astral Tale by Veronica Mannion & Ariel Hart